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Our Mission

As the Mineral Seller's agent, JLC Partners enables oil and gas Mineral Owners to obtain the highest market price for their investments in oil and gas mineral interests.  JLC Partners commits to eliminating Mineral Owner concerns about being taken advantage of due to aggressive and deceptive industry practices.  We especially focus on serving the elderly Mineral Owner.



>>  Remember:  We work for you, the Mineral Owner, as your Selling Agent



So, if you are besieged by countless calls and letters from oil and gas buyers...?

Don't be bullied by their scare tactics.   Call Us Now!.... before you act on what might be a shady offer....

As always.... There is no risk to you .... and we will assist you to discover and select the best offer from the most qualifed mineral buyer.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

- Norman Vincent Peale

Always Keep in Mind.... There Are Forces Affecting the Price You Receive for Your Investments in Oil and Gas Properties.....

Supply & Demand:  Economics 101 - Although there are many scenarios on how supply and demand for oil will affect the price you receive, some supply and demand effects can be artificial and short-lived.  Some effects are local and some are national or global.  Simply watching the price of oil or gas will not tell the whole story of "why" you received a specific purchase price.


Government & Politics:  Regulatory burden has a direct effect on the price you might receive - if it is more costly for the operator to extract the minerals, you will be paid less.  More troublesome is the appetite of politicians for higher taxes and more control.


Mineral Buyer Appetites:  Investing in specific areas, trending areas for exploration, tendency toward smaller or larger properties, following a specific operator, available rigs and personnel, etc.  All may contribute to investment risks to the buyer and result in lower purchase price offers.


Infrastructure: Many oil producing areas, including Weld County, Colorado, have a severe shortage of pipelines from producing well pads.  This contributes to the risk of Mineral Buyers - knowing "when" they will receive a return on their investment.

Forces affecting the price of oil

Our Advocacy Services

Our Seller Advocacy services are entirely focused on meeting your needs, as your Agent in the selling of your oil and gas mineral rights, with no risk to you.


In our Agency role as "seller's advocate", we deliver value by:

  1. Maintaining and facilitating communications between all parties involved,
  2. Identifying mineral values and industry activity,
  3. Determining and vetting the list of qualified buyers to purchase your mineral interests,
  4. Managing the sale and competitive purchase of your mineral rights,
  5. Collating and evaluating the responding buyers' offers based on your selling objectives, and
  6. Offering an objective recommendation of the buyer and offer that meets your selling criteria.


After 30+ years in business, coupled with our continuous mineral buyer qualifying process, we know which buyers to go to.  We maintain and regularly qualify an extensive inventory of mineral buyers.

Your Advocate

Jeff Capen

With 25+ years in the financial and energy industries, Jeff started JLC Partners to satisfy a need for A "Mineral Seller's Advocate" - an expert on their side of the negotiating table, with years of oil and gas experience, owing complete responsibility to the Seller, not the mineral buyer.  Jeff is a long-time member of the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL) and has extensively worked the most active oil and gas producing regions of the US.  As a true professional, Jeff values his integrity and honesty in all of his business dealings.


To Contact Jeff directly, call:  303-929-6537 or email at....  jeff.capen@jlc-partners.com



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