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Vigilance & Due Diligence


April 2, 2019 \\ Email Newsletter Article

JLC Partners is committed to continuing to provide you with pragmatic recommendations as you advise your oil and gas mineral owner clients.


You may have noticed that our emails have consistent themes - the need for vigilance, practical experience, and due diligence when entering a transaction.


Although this may seem like "preaching to the choir," make sure your mineral owner clients seek out your advice and counsel on all mineral transactions.  Equally important, your mineral owner clients MUST be ever vigilant and know that the oil and gas companies and their representatives are not on their side, no matter how...

Valuing Your Client's Mineral Property


March 5, 2019 \\ Email Newsletter Article

When Asked.... How do You Provide Counsel on Valuing Your Client's

Oil and Gas Property...


Remember your college Economics courses – topics like supply and demand and price elasticity? These "laws" and equations we learned are true no matter your industry, your company, or your location.


Economic principles are always true, no matter how much politicians try to hide them or the so called "experts" try to disprove them.


Lately, the prices for oil and gas have dropped quite a bit.  However, economic principles tell us that an increase in supply, with a relatively flat demand (as we see currently) will cause the prices to decrease.  That is ALWAYS...

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