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Mineral Buyer Resources

This page is intended as a resource for Buyers interested in investing in oil and gas mineral interests.  As you may have noticed from our Home Page, JLC Partners are Agents and Advocates for the Mineral Owner. We work for the Mineral Seller, as the Mineral Seller's Agent. That said, you, the Mineral Buyer, are critical to our process of marketing and selling the mineral interests of our Mineral Owners.

JLC Partners wants to be a resource for your discovery of mineral property investment opportunities.  Through our growing network, we are constantly receiving requests to market mineral properties, as the mineral owner's exclusive selling agent.  Holding an exclusive, Agency Listing Agreement on all properties we market helps to assure you that our Mineral Owners are focused on finding a serious, fair offer for their mineral interests.


JLC Partners is focused on working with Mineral Buyers who seriously evaluate all mineral properties.  We are less interested in working with buyers only focused on making low-ball offers, to immediately flip the property for a high margin.  This is unfair to our Mineral Owners.  We seek to work with those mineral buyers seriously focused on investing in oil and gas mineral interests.


Our trademarked marketing process, the 5-Step ProcessSM, described below, was created to reinforce our focus on adding structure to a relatively inefficient marketplace.  This structure improves the opportunity for the mineral owner to get the highest market price and reduces the chance of a "bidding war" for the serious mineral buyer.


5-Step ProcessSM - Marketing Mineral Properties

Mineral Property Sales Process

From Your Perspective, as the Mineral Buyer....

JLC Partners begins by educating the mineral owner, setting their expectations, and obtaining an Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement (patterned after residential real estate).  By the way, setting expectations is one reason why we often ask you for feedback on why you like or don't like a particular property or location.

After evaluating and "packaging" the property, we release it to you, the mineral buyers.  In doing so, we trust in the integrity and professionalism of all buyers who receive the property package.  Important, we ask that when you receive the mineral property package, send a brief return email, confirming receipt and letting us know whether you will be making an offer or not making an offer – a simple, easy way to keep lines of communication open. 

In an effort to eliminate the inefficiencies of bidding wars and "low-balling", we request a reasonable initial price offer from those interested in purchasing the property.

Negotiation is initiated by the mineral owner.  Based on reviewing the offers with the mineral owner, we may or may not be instructed to request a "best and final" offer from those providing an initial offer.  So, no auction and no bidding war.

Following receipt of the best and final offers, we present all offers to the mineral owner, along with our recommendation of the buyer and offer that best addresses the selling criteria.  During this meeting with the owner, we counsel them as to the pros and cons of their various options. Once the mineral owner has selected the buyer company and the offer that works for them, we communicate with the selected buyer to ensure that the Purchase Agreement is prepared for the mineral owner's signature.  This starts us on the path to a successful closing.   

5-Step ProcessSM - Marketing Schedule

From your perspective, as the mineral property buyer, consider the signing of the Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement as "Day 1" of the schedule.


As with any schedule, there are activities and events which can change the timeframes.  However, with over 20 years of Project Management experience, we will always work to bring the process back in synch with the schedule. 


Areas where the schedule might change, after "Day 1" include:

  • More complex properties and mineral interests may take JLC Partners longer than 5 days to research and "package".
  • Likewise, with a more complex property, we might allow longer than the 15 days for your evaluation and preparation/submission of an offer.
  • Finally, the Best and Final Offer period might also be extended due to requests by the mineral owner/seller and/or complexity of the mineral property opportunity.



In all cases, our objective is to keep the 5-Step ProcessSM within a 30 day timeframe.



Our 5-Step Process and Schedule also places constraints and makes demands of you, the mineral buyer.

  1. We expect you to make every effort to commit to and follow the schedule.
  2. Upon receiving and doing a brief review of the initial mineral property package, we expect a brief return email expressing whether you will or will not be providing an offer, and a brief (1 – 2 sentence explanation of why you will not make an offer.
  3. All mineral buyer companies that express a "no offer" and all companies not submitting an offer according to the schedule, will not be asked to participate in the Best and Final Offer, if the mineral owner requests this step.


Hopefully the information on this page provides you a clear description of the JLC Partners' mineral property marketing process and schedule, along with answering questions you might have about how we manage this process.  If you have any further questions or would like to discuss any portion of this process or schedule, please feel welcome to use the form below and contact JLC Partners.

We Welcome You to Contact Us...

JLC Partners welcomes all Mineral Buyer representatives to contact us at any time and request a listing of the mineral properties we are currently marketing.  We continually look for Mineral Buyers that are interested in working with us to ensure the Mineral Owner receives the highest market value for their mineral interests.

As always, please remember that JLC Partners works for the Mineral Owner and we will represent them, as their agent, under our Exclusive Agency Agreement.

Please take time to review our Mineral Property marketing and sales process and schedule, described on this page.  You may click here to open and save these documents, as PDF files - "JLC Partners' 5-Step Process"  and our "Process Schedule".


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